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5th Laserforce Prague's Cup

The fifth annual Laserforce Prague's Cup international tournament is here! This year we expect international participation and you can look forward to very interesting fights!

What is Laserforce Prague's Cup?

The biggest laser game competition in Central Europe!
4 annual of Laserforce Prague's Cup have been already played in Mercuria, with more than 250 players participating.
See below how the biggest Central European laser game tournament looks like.

Laserforce Prague´s Cup 2019

Laserforce Prague´s Cup 2019

Přehrát video

What do you need to know?


  • number of players per team: 4 people, 

  • game system: Team deathmach,

  • Date: 14-15 September 2024,

  • capacity: 72 teams (max 6 teams per game),cap

  • number of games: minimum 6x tournament games

        + practice games before the tournament on Saturday 
           and Sunday
        + bonus games after Saturday and Sunday
        + Friday practice night
           (20:00-00:00 for 12.5 EUR/person),

  • price: 55 EUR/person (220 EUR/team).

Which system will be used?


  • first day:

    • qualifying groups with a capacity of 18 teams
      (max. 4 groups),

  • second day:

    • final groups, in which the winners will be announced. 




  • 20:00 - start of the practice evening (12.5 EUR/person)

  • 00:00 - end of the training evening


  • 17:30 - welcome to participants

  • 17:40 - trial games included in the entry fee

  • 18:20 - start of the tournament + draw

  • 18:40 - tournament (each team plays at least 3 games)

  • 22:30 - free bonus games included in the entry fee (Space marines, Laserball,...)

  • 00:00 - end of Saturday's part of Laserforce Prague's Cup


  • 8:00 - trial games included in the entry fee

  • 9:00 - tournament (each team plays at least 3 games)

  • 13:00 - bonus game included in the entry fee

  • 13:20 - announcement of results and winners

  • 13:45 - end of Laserforce Prague's Cup 2024


Where the tournament will be played?


Mercuria Braník

Údolní 212/1

147 00 Praha 4


Mercuria Holešovice
Jankovcova 1569/2c
170 00 Praha 7

Is it possible to win something?

In Laserforce Prague's Cup, the best players can win medals, trophies and vouchers to the Mercuria Laser Game. 

This year we are preparing something new and we are negotiating with many interesting partners who will donate additional prizes to the tournament!


How much is it?

The tournament will cost 220 EUR/team (55 EUR/person).

We guarantee a minimum of 3 tournament games on each
of the tournament days.

Special bonus:

  • practice evening on Friday before the tournament
    (12.5 EUR/person),

  • practice games on Saturday before and after the tournament,

  • practice games on Sunday before the tournament. 

What is our experience?

For the fifth year we have been organizing the largest laser game tournament in Central Europe. This year we organized the 6th edition of the Mercuria School Laser Game League, in which more than 2,000 children have already played.

We have held corporate tournaments for Samsung,, ČSOB and many others. In the history of Laserforce Prague's Cup, more than 250 players have played!



For any questions feel free to contact us by phone +420 778 882 224 or by mail
The tournament will be held in our biggest arenas:


Mercuria Braník

Údolní 212/1

147 00 Praha 4


Mercuria Holešovice
Jankovcova 1569/2c
170 00 Praha 7

Laserforce Prague's Cup Partners:


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